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Manuscript Evaluation

Assesses greatest strengths and weaknesses and recommends next steps

If you've completed a first draft (or second or third), and you know that something is not quite right but you're not sure what, a manuscript evaluation is a good place to start.

Editorial report

I'll read the entire manuscript and provide you with 5-page editorial report (~1,500-2,000 words). I don't offer partial assessments (say, the first 5 or 50 pages), because to fully understand your work and what you're trying to do, I need to read the whole manuscript. ​

The report gives you insight into the greatest strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript, and provides general recommendations for revision, in order of priority.

A budget-friendly option

A manuscript evaluation is a budget-friendly option. You'll get honest, professional feedback on an early stage of your draft that will give you direction and could save you time and money down the road.

What does it cost?

Approximately $14 / 1,000 words (Canadian dollars).

Example:  An assessment of a 50,000 - word manuscript would cost $700.

Because every manuscript is different, I need to see your work to provide you with a custom estimate.

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I wanted to work with an editor who could help me produce a solid manuscript to submit to my publisher. I feel very fortunate to have found Ellie Barton. She is thorough, creative, and extremely knowledgeable. I recommend her services most highly.

Robert Mundle

For a better life.jpg

As a novice writer working on my first major work, I can’t thank you enough for guiding me through the editing process to ensure that my manuscript was a good as it could be. You were amazing to work with. Your skills in all the aspects of editing brought For a Better Life to a level that would never have been possible without you.

John Van Immerseel

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Interested in working with me?

Please complete this author questionnaire to receive a complimentary assessment of the level of editing your manuscript needs.

If you rather just drop me a note, that is okay too. 

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