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Thank you for your interest in working with me. Please complete this questionnaire so that I can learn more about your manuscript and how I might help.


The questionnaire will take 10-20 minutes. All information you provide is confidential.

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My name is Ellie Barton.  What's your name?

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What would you like your readers to take away?

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What are your publishing goals?


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Writing background

Have you published a book or shorter pieces before?


How have you developed your skills as a writer?


Please upload your entire manuscript as a Word file so that I can take a brief look at it and provide you with an estimate. Be assured that your manuscript and personal information are completely confidential.


If you would like to talk with me before sharing your manuscript, please submit the form and I'll arrange a phone or Zoom call with you. 


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Thank you for sharing your work.  I'll respond within two business days.

Ellie Barton

Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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